The Dome

06 1000.02
Location Beursplein / Place de la Bourse, Anspachlaan 65, Paul Devauxstraat /Rue Paul Devaux 3-7, Kiekenmarkt / Marché aux Poulets 7-13, 1000 Brussels
Architects COUSSEE & GORIS Architects
Implementation period Under preparation
The Dome

Het project

The developers VDD Project Development and Vervoordt r.e. have joined forces with the well-established architects COUSSEE & GORIS, whose well-known achievements include the De Krook city library (Ghent), Het Zwin visitors centre (Knokke-Heist) and the Kanaal site warehouses (Wijnegem). The team's project proposal is a reinterpretation of Haussmann's architectural style with its typical central avenues.

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The building is being reinvested with a powerful architectural identity. The vertical elements will be accentuated while the mansard roof will be replaced by sleek dormer windows. The awning will boast all-time rigidity and historically valuable elements, such as the dome, will be restored to their former glory. At the Kiekenmarkt / Marché aux Poulets, the least prestigious section will make way for a new building.

The city of the future-based programme comprises a balanced mix of retail services, restaurants, cafés, a training centre, co-working and accommodation. The commercial base will include two spacious stores teeming with activity: EATALY and Delhaize. Complementing the existing commercial facilities, these retail services will help to boost the appeal and quality of the locality. The focus above the plinth is on an urban community with co-working and co-living. The Dome is the place to be for a wide range of urban activities: living, shopping, culinary delights, work, seminars and training, leisure, ...


Johan Vandendriessche, manager of VDD, has entered into an exclusive joint venture with EATALY. A culinary paradise for lovers of Italian food, the concept offers a combination of a food court with restaurants, cafes, a fresh market and a training centre.

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Since its inception in 2007, EATALY has enjoyed a huge expansion in Italy (Rome, Bologna, Milan, Florence, Genoa, Bari, Asti, Monticello, Pinerolo) and throughout the world. It has branches in various cities including Istanbul, Monaco, Sao Paolo, Seoul, New York, Tokyo, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Munich and Stockholm. EATALY is also set to open in Paris (Galerie La Fayette in Le Marais) and London (Liverpool Station) in 2019.

It offers a wide range of high- quality Italian produce at an affordable price. Catering for the latest food trends: the call for authenticity, honest food and genuineness is met in an appetising style. Prices are kept low as a result of buying directly from the producer. This makes it possible to offer local, tradition-based and sustainably produced specialities at affordable prices to a wide public.

EATALY relies on seasonal products focusing on culinary traditions and methods of preparation. The top-quality products must be made using traditional and environmentally friendly methods. The supermarket of the future where experience is of the utmost importance. The focus is on the customer, shopping, tasting and learning, surrounded by all the beauty that Italian cuisine has to offer.

The internationally popular concept has proved to be a highly successful initiative. A Brussels-based branch is indispensable in the light of the Belgian public's fondness for gourmet cuisine and the good things of life. EATALY is being established at the corner of Beursplein / Place de la Bourse to cover an area of 3,500 m². The specialist shop will be located on the ground floor - with accompanying terraces - and the first floor.



The idea is for The Dome to operate fossil energy-free, while maximising the use of onsite energy together with innovative, sustainable technologies.

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As the site is well connected to the public transport network, no parking spaces are planned, apart from 5 places for electric cars, but full use is being made of bicycle park facilities.

Residential and work programme

The upper floors are the site of a contemporary urban residential and work programme. Fosbury&Sons will operate the 7,500 m² co-working space, a contemporary working environment tailor-made for the present generation. It is a location where business, culture and leisure can come together.

The urban living concept is focused on new living with smart, high-quality apartments featuring a variety of shared spaces and a highly appealing level of facilities. There are about 60 co-living apartments with an additional common lobby, bar, laundry room, roof terraces, roof garden and vegetable gardens.

Fosbury&Sons The upper floor will have a co-working space of 7,500 m².

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The property is located in Brussels, at the corner of Beursplein / Place de la Bourse, Anspachlaan / Boulevard Anspach, Paul Devauxstraat / Rue P. Devaux and Kiekenmarkt / Marché aux Poulets.


The commercial facilities are complemented by a 2,000 m² Delhaize at the corner of Anspachlaan / Boulevard Anspach and Kiekenmarkt / Marché aux Poulets. A new urban concept will be introduced at ground level, while a classic supermarket will be built at underground level.

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