VDD Project Development wants to be the guardian of historic buildings by giving them a new future. In the redevelopment we pay particular attention to a new architecture in harmony with the historical framework, the quality of life and sustainability. In this way, projects without comparison are conceived to create added value for the spatial environment.

Old narratives, new purpose

We adopt a highly selective approach to the acquisition of our projects. Apart from occupying an exemplary location, the buildings must also offer an experience. We need to feel the energy and power of the site. We are passionate about the history and relevance of buildings.

As from the start VDD is looking for the optimal solutions in the search for a future. After a thorough historical and constructional analysis, VDD defines the historical value scale together with heritage specialists and the competent government services. Every single stone has its own story and meaning. The valuable elements are meticulously restored in combination with architectural interventions.

Less relevant parts are given their own interpretation or new function. A building is not a static object but like a living organism that can be in a state of permanent transformation. You can never fully restore anything to its original condition. A building, also a protected monument, dies when it stops changing. It is important to ensure that transformation processes take place with ambition and an eye for quality. Concern for heritage and new developments are bound to be compatible aims, provided a creative and bold approach is adopted.

Sustainable and livable

The 21st century has to be a century of reuse. We need to become more aware of the natural resources we use in our daily lives and find creative ways to reuse what is discarded. A socially responsible approach is to ensure that empty buildings are repurposed. The future of urban areas will depend increasingly on what is already available. The necessary densification and increasingly expensive property prices mean that we have to be creative with the existing heritage so that it can once again become an active part of society. Well thought-out repurposing is also often the best guarantee for the sustainable preservation and management of valuable heritage and helps to promote a circular economy.

Sustainability and viability are not meaningless concepts but are tantamount to a tangible commitment. There is no need to explain the virtues of green energy. VDD is also taking it a step further by using innovative techniques such as geothermal energy, solar panels, solar boilers and central and energy-efficient installations. For users this provides both a profitable building in the long term and several different benefits in the short term.

A building that continues to be affordable and also offers value-adding opportunities in the future. This green approach is also key to the living environment and the living experience: we work together with landscape or garden architects to create a green and healthy living environment.

Tailored to the customer

Our projects invariably combine state-of-the-art architecture with superb material finishing of materials. We are customer-centric and flexible. In addition to an extensive and high-quality basic package, their buyers can refine the interior finishing according to their own specific wishes or needs. The only limitations are any technical and structural restrictions imposed, but for the rest our customers have almost complete freedom as far as completion and finishing work is concerned.

Our buyers are justifiably demanding, so we pay a lot of attention to customer support and after-sales services. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions, down to the finest detail, our service is a reflection of that same approach. An example of this is our online customer platform with which we keep customers up-to-date about the progress of work. Our customers appreciate this way of operating and this is our best publicity.

It is not profit but passion that drives us

Our perfectionist approach requires not only specialization, patience and perseverance. What motivates us is a passion for the beauty, power and charm of historical buildings. We want to create something we can be proud of, with a positive impact on the wider surrounding area. Our commitment is to place quality and aesthetics at the forefront of profit when making choices.

VDD Project Development

The directors and shareholders of VDD Project Development are Johan Vandendriessche and Thibaut De Vos.

Johan Vandendriessche built a career in retail and fashion and introduced brands such as Benetton, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Uterque and Loro Piano to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. At the same time, he invested in retail properties at historically significant AAA locations, such as Massimo Dutti's Art Deco building at the Meir in Antwerp ... and numerous other buildings.

The acquaintance with Thibaut De Vos, active for many years in the real estate world, was the start of VDD Project Development. Both directors share the same vision, passion and conviction.

Within only a few years, VDD Project Development has built up an enviable reputation in the repurposing and revitalisation of historical buildings at prime locations.


As each project requires a specific approach and expertise, we have a team of professionals who excel in their respective fields. Partners who share our vision, passion and drive for perfection.

In our own part of the world we work together with leading architects with a sensitive approach to historical buildings, including OMA Architecture, COUSSEE & GORIS architecten, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, Origin and aNNo Architecten. We are also on the look-out for top-level partners in other countries. For a forthcoming project in Nieuwpoort, we joined forces with British architect David Chipperfield, who is world-renowned for the repurposing of iconic buildings.

‘Hof De Gros’ in Bruges: mansion house turned into a head office

It is no coincidence that our head office is located in the heart of the world heritage city of Bruges. The prestigious building in Sint-Jakobsstraat was originally a mansion house steeped in history. The present building is an 18th century mansion house owned by a noble family.

The meticulously restored staircase and entrance hall as well as the lounges are characteristic of our identity. Anyone who enters immediately feels at home, safe and respected. You literally become part of a piece of history, right down to the cellar space, which has been set up as a sales office.

That air of nobility is more than just a facade. Offered in such a way as to cater for the finest details, our services are also evidence of that same approach. An example of this is the online communication platform with which we keep clients informed of all new developments, even after delivery.

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