Pritzker Architecture Prize 2023 for David Chipperfield!

This year's Pritzker Architecture Prize, also known as the "Nobel Prize in Architecture", was more than deservedly awarded to David Chipperfield, the architect of The Grand.

For decades, Chipperfield has been known for his sensitive approach to the renovation and restoration of existing buildings. That is also why VDD made the choice to partner with David Chipperfield Architects for the redevelopment of 'Le Grand Hôtel', later known as the 'White Residence'. He is now being extensively praised by the Pritzker Prize jury for the same reason. The jury calls his work 'subtle and powerful', describing it as 'understated yet elegant'. The answers that Chipperfield formulates to a building brief are careful, thoughtful, precise and calm. He is not the architect who wants to score himself with gaudy and all-dominating buildings but prefers to act as a servant of the public good.

His respect for the natural environment and what has been built before also stands out. If he sets himself up as the guardian of historic buildings, he does so by adding timeless modern design to them. He does so with great precision and historical insight. He has been called "radical in his restraint", to the point of almost disappearing himself.

We are therefore very proud to witness his innovative thinking and forward-looking approach with our project The Grand.

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